Zelensky on the tax on the capital Base and all

Зеленский о налоге на выведенный капитал: Внедряйте и все

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky believes that if there is a willingness in the country to introduce a tax on the capital, it is necessary to take and to do without reservation.

As the press service of the head of state on Tuesday at a meeting of the National Council of reforms was provided with a preliminary version of the draft law on the tax on the capital.

“Any reform, if you are ready to implement — no need to touch it. I think that if we introduce a tax on capital is derived, then enter. Enter — and all. If it improves the lives of people, it is necessary to enter. Without these “right”, “left”, “little”, “try”. I think so,” the President said at the meeting.

After a detailed discussion the participants agreed to continue working on this bill for its improvement.

Earlier, the head of the Executive Committee of the national Council reform Mikheil Saakashvili after the first meeting of the Council reported that Zelensky has taken a very radical position to replace the income tax with a tax on the capital.

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“Instead of tax on profit, which is absolutely corrupt, introduced a tax on the capital was supported by President Zelensky. And he said very clearly: no half measures and no partial solutions – is necessary to help the Ukrainian economy”, – Saakashvili said at the briefing.