Zelensky promised vacation credit to small and medium businesses

Yesterday, March 16, the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky publicly spoke on TV and announced emergency measures undertaken by Ukraine, in an attempt to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Зеленский пообещал кредитные каникулы малому и среднему бизнесу

And since the limitation already taking a total character, and will lead to huge losses for both public sector and private business, the head of state said that the Cabinet should develop a program of vacation credit for small and medium-sized businesses in connection with the quarantine.

He stated this in the program “Svoboda words” on ICTV channel.

“Now the government works. While we hard, at least we’re not France and our economy is not as strong as many European countries, but they have to develop a program. I gave them the note… there Will be several structural programmes on such holidays,” said Zelensky.

Video: Freedom of speech on ICTV