Zelensky said the talks with the IMF

Vladimir Zelensky said that Ukraine is going to pursue a new IMF loan program and intends to comply with its terms.

Зеленский прокомментировал переговоры с МВФ

The President of Ukraine said in a live talk-show “Freedom of Savik Shuster” on TV channel “Ukraine”.

“Can a person live without water for a week? Why? With the IMF the situation is the same. Why do we take such a risk? Why do we need to bring the situation to default? Why do we need all these tests? If we have such support, it is important to us. If it was a different time, if it was quiet, we could say, is beneficial to us, not beneficial to us. Now it is like blood to the body,” he said.

The head of state said that the IMF program will be at least $ 8 billion. This will unlock additional funding from the world Bank and other international donors.

“I see 10 billion plus I’m talking to leaders of other countries: UAE, Azerbaijan, Canada, Germany. We will have more money. They are all tied to just one. They say, we will support (where it humanitarian assistance where soft loan money to support the economy) depends on the signal. Signal for one: the Memorandum with the International monetary Fund. It’s about the credibility of Ukraine”, — he said.