Zhanna badoeva admitted that the global argument with her husband lasted 15 minutes

Famous TV presenter Joan badoeva openly admitted that the global argument with her husband Basil by Melnichny lasted about 15 minutes. The couple were married in 2014, for a star of the “eagle and tails” this marriage became the third.

Жанна Бадоева призналась, что их самая глобальная ссора с мужем длилась 15 минут

The confessions of Jeanne Badoeva, occasionally she and her husband-a businessman there are disputes, however, they are minor and quickly disappear. Most global conflict is exhausted after only 15 minutes, and the reason for it was that the chosen one during a trip to the store not bought the products that ordered his companion. The Director explained that they have with Melnichny just lacking reasons for serious quarrels.

At the same time children together in pairs, and she Badoev admits that while not thinking about pregnancy. She admits that she managed to realize myself as a mother, having a son, Boris, from his first marriage and a daughter from her second marriage.