Zhanna badoeva told of a strong argument with her husband

Popular TV presenter Joan badoeva spoke about one of the most serious quarrels with her husband Basil. She also asked followers on Instagram to write about some topics in their families there are conflicts.

Жанна Бадоева рассказала о сильной ссоре с мужем

A few years ago Badoev with the children moved to live in Europe, where for a long time was her husband, a businessman. Periodically there’s a family quarrel. Maybe it affects the temperament of the spouses, and climate change.

According to Zhanna Badoeva, the most serious conflict in the couple happened because of products. In particular, the leading the husband brought from the store is not what she asked for. The quarrel on this occasion lasted about 15 minutes. Despite the periodic conflicts, after five years of marriage the couple live in harmony and love.

In the comments followers have written their own stories that relate to family quarrels. A lot of couples is in conflict because of the fixation on gambling, but there are those who are just too lazy to fight.