Zhirinovsky suddenly confronted Putin over Zelensky: what happened


Жириновский внезапно наехал на Путина из-за Зеленского: что произошло

The leader of the Russian liberal democratic party Vladimir Zhirinovsky unexpectedly criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin. The occasion was the last telephone contact with the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky.

Broadcast propaganda TV channel “Russia-1” he recalled that Russia does not recognize the results of presidential elections in Ukraine, therefore, Zelensky should be excommunicated from any contact with the Kremlin.

According to Zhirinovsky, the Ukrainian-Russian conflict will last for the entire twenty-first century.

“Until 2019. In 2099, you can say that maybe sometime in the XXII century it will be possible to achieve silence. Therefore, to talk with Zelensky in General can not be on the phone. I don’t understand why the President is talking! We did not recognize the election!” — Zhirinovsky was indignant.

We will remind, earlier the President of Russia, Putin suddenly announced that the Russian leader “a positive attitude” to Zelensky.

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