Zlata ognevich calls on all Ukrainians to love yourself

New hit single “Goddess” from the Ukrainian artist Zlata ognevich turned to the topic of self-assessment each of the women and about the super power that helps every day to feel like a goddess.

Злата Огневич призывает всех украинок полюбить себя

Zlata ognevich this time sang about one of the most important topics of our time — about how important it is to value yourself and to take, in fact it is the driving force of change for the better. For the singer this song is biographical, as she has repeatedly said in an interview that is only now finally feels harmonious, and therefore decided to share his worldview with the public.

Zlata Ognevich — The Goddess

We are often dissatisfied with themselves, their lives. Girls dissatisfied with the shape, skin or other things I consider disadvantages. But in fact, inside each lives a true Hero, and inside each is a beautiful Goddess! says premiere new track Zlata ognevich.

The authorship of the track “Goddess” belongs to a young sensational singer Jerry Heil, a sound producer was made by The Maneken.

Each line premiere of “the Goddess” is imbued with power and exalts woman as the best creation of this Universe. New track artist can be heard on the concerts as part of her big round’t you ‘what’ in the cities of Ukraine.