Zlata ognevich first told about the family tragedy

The actress has never talked about the tragedy in the family.

Злата Огневич впервые рассказала о семейной трагедии

Ukrainian singer Zlata Ognevich shared a terrible tragedy that occurred in her family.

She has never said in an interview. And only loved ones know that Zlata had an older brother. But she never saw, because in the six years of his life would come to an end, says the program “Life of famous people”.

“Yes. I had a brother, our first child, he died, drowned in the eyes of my mother. Well after such life changing, it never becomes the other. And it’s all very sad. I then drawings found him ( mom, of course, was saving it). When I found, Oh, I sat and cried. I was very sad. And then I mom started asking what it was and how it was” — first told Ognevich.

Golden mom got pregnant three years after losing his son. When she was born, parents being protective of your girl as the Apple of his eye. Protected dust blew. Controlled her every move, because too afraid to lose.

“Do not go there so don’t talk, I couldn’t swim, and if it was possible, it was very very over time and only under the supervision of mothers. And I’m not one year when we were already living in Crimea, I fought for the right to let me go itself, so I walked myself to the beach to swim. I said, “I’m not going to swim, to dive,” recalled the singer.