Zlata ognevich told about the man who’s stalking her

Artist for a long time pursues the man from the taxi service.

Singer Zlata ognevich told how to punish him.

Злата Огневич рассказала о мужчине, который её преследует

As admitted the singer, the last time she had seen the Stalker, the star called the police and they took him to the police, but after a few hours was released.

“I will tell you, on this day was released, and it was then that I already saw him in his own district. He was standing near the car, watched and waited for me. I can’t speak for themselves yet. And, unfortunately, can’t help it. My friends tell me that I took him into the woods and they’ll help me. But I don’t want to take a sin,” — commented on his actions with a rival artist.

Zlata ognevich wants to punish the pursuer in a legal way, without violence.

“Already we’ve had two attacks on me, left third and it will be possible to introduce a serious criminal case and close it behind bars in a legal way”. — told the star.

The singer also told what she wants from this man.

“He tells everyone that I’m his wife. He wants love, he writes to my sister, mom, he wants to come to the Crimea to meet with parents. This is a very horrible feeling, when the middle of the night to attack you from behind the man and grabs your arm and you can’t do anything about it,” — said the singer.