Zofia Klawinowska made a sincere confession about her relationship with Andrzej. “I do not recognize a life of sin”

Why did Zofia Klawinowska not get involved with Andrzej?

 Zofia Klawinowska made a sincere confession about her relationship with Andrzej.

As the “Pomponik” portal reminds us, Zofia Klawinowska was one of the participants in the fourth season of “Sanatorium of Love”. She won not only the sympathy of viewers, but also other participants in the show, which is most eloquently evidenced by the fact that she was chosen “the queen of the stay”. Even though the program showed that she was closest to Andrzej, in the end she decided not to get involved with him. Now she revealed what stood in her way.

The audience fell in love with “Sanatorium of Love”

“Sanatorium of Love” is a program that viewers immediately fell in love with. They eagerly follow the next seasons and the adventures of new participants, who try to find friends in the program, and maybe even love for the rest of their lives. Not so long ago, the 4th season of the program ended, in which one of the most liked people was Zofia Klawinowska.

It cannot be denied that the 67-year-old Zofia was a colorful figure. She was able to infect others with her energy, and she attracted attention with her exceptionally colorful clothes. Viewers strongly cheered on her relationship with Andrzej from Tomaszów. The couple seemed to be having a very good time together. Many hoped that they would be able to form a relationship.

To the despair of many, Zosia decided immediately to cut off any speculation that she would be with Andrzej. It turns out that the obstacle was the fact that the patient was divorced. “I am a Catholic. I do not recognize a life of sin” – she confessed in an interview with the weekly “Świat i people”.

It turns out that not only this prompted her not to take her relationship with Andrzej to the next level. She revealed that when she saw him for the first time, she did not feel the proverbial “butterflies in her stomach” and did not intend to do anything by force.

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