“Zorya” vinovatye sudv in operejaet snoman over the club

"Зоря" звинуватила суддів в упередженості та знущанні над клубом

Katerina Monzul

Luhansk “Zorya” wage scho won’t Gorohovaya not less than 10 point using swavelle suduko the body.

The in particular, in the framework of the 29th round of the championship of Ukraine of luganchane vtratili points sustr against “Aleksandr” (2:2).

Podenok sapam atasa neodnoznachnye rstname head arbtr Katerini Mosul. , zvynuvachuiemo in fact scho won’t poluchila an offside position at gravce “Aleksandr” Masta in epsod s priznanim on nomu penalt have another Tim.

After podenco the press Department “SOR” on itsyou sit wybuchowa out at pogány sudst:

“Lately sclause a tendency to scho futbolniy club “Zorya” Strada from nease arbtrary perecentage stavlennia s side suduko the body.

Prostiutes Qiao subject is not in odni sustr. Zaostrene of pristrastii the struggle for other meeting place are given about itself the nobility. In the first cargo in stallen to one s najstarszych clubv of the country s side arbtr. I sogodni on tsiy temi need supinates details, not movchati “.

In addition podenco z “Alexandru”, the press Department shadala podenki kislogo against “Dinamo”, and “d’esny” the silent well “oleksandriv” at match the 24th round.

In the Dumka “SOR”, yakbi not “suduse swavelle”, the team vzhe long versile b us power in borotbi for “sriblo”.

Also Lugansky club polarisa scho in Ukraine so I do not nauchilsya cristobalite VAR.