Zozulya answered original fans of Rayo Vallecano, who called the Ukrainian Communist

Зозуля оригинально ответил фанам "Райо Вальекано", которые обозвали украинца коммунистом

Roman Zozulya

Fans of Rayo Vallecano during the last full-time confrontation with the team of Roman Zozulya – Albacete called the Ukrainian striker a Communist.

A few months earlier those same fans have called Zozulya a Nazi.

This variability of the capital fans of the novel are not left unattended.

“When it all began, I was a fascist. Then they started opening my Facebook and I’m a Nazi, I recently became a racist and today I have not heard, but told me that shouted: “Komunist”. Even they themselves can not understand. Soon I will say that I marikon. Marikon is gay in Spanish. I’ve been waiting for this,” said Zozulya in interview to the program “Profootball”.

Note that after the Ukrainian was called a Nazi, “Rayo Vallecano” fined, but the club did not agree with the punishment and appealed to the court of arbitration for Sport (CAS).