Zozulya has compared the Second Spanish League and Ukrainian Premier League

Зозуля сравнил Вторую лигу Испании и Украинскую Премьер-лигу

Roman Zozulya

Ukrainian forward “Albacete” Roman Zozulya, which suffered financial Rayo Vallecano, told me the reason why he doesn’t want to return to the Ukrainian Premier League.

“Ukraine is always in the heart, but I’m here in Spain enjoy now. From life, from football. Who understands football, he understands that Segunda head and shoulders stronger than the Ukrainian League. Now begin to throw stones, but the championship is stronger and lives better.

Of Ukraine proposals no. While I am happy with all. I never promise, anything can be, but until I see myself in some team from Ukraine”, – quotes the player of “Profootball”.

Furthermore, Roman said that he would like to continue playing for the national team of Ukraine. The player admitted that he had long been waiting for an invitation to the team.

“If they will invite me, I will come on foot. Well, it’s not my decision,” said Zozulya.